Influences of Entertainment Media

The entertainment media is a platform to deliver positive messages to the society however the negative influences still affect many individuals. Addiction It’s very easy to get addicted to your favorite song, surfing the internet, playing video games, watching movies and series. It’s fun to get entertained once in a while but it’s also important... Continue Reading →


Top 5 Ways to Strengthen your Business

One of the major issues Tanzania currently faces is an Economical downfall. After the enforcement of new laws to streamline the country’s development, the business area is largely impacted thus resulting into losses, companies being shut down and removal of staffs. To rise above the existing challenges, the following strategies will help you strengthen your... Continue Reading →

Pros and Cons of Tourism Industry

Tourism Industry is very profitable in many countries especially in those that continue to nurture the needs of investing in it. Here are some of the benefits of what tourism industry can provide for the country: - Increased Revenue Foreign currency spent by tourists can be invested in improving local education, health and other services. It... Continue Reading →

City Life vs Country Life

Living in the city is fast, vibrant, exciting yet challenging. Young people often prefer living in the city to build their lives and grow as a professional individual and particularly enjoy the convenience of nightlife activities. Here’s why people prefer living in the city: - Availability of Services You can get almost everything in the... Continue Reading →

Recycling Tips

Recycling is an effective way of repurposing and reusing a product. It is our responsibility to conserve the environment through the process of recycling. Check out some tips to guide you on how to repurpose items for your needs. It is cost effective to opt for totes instead of giving away your extra coins for... Continue Reading →

Top 10 reasons to visit Lushoto

Lushoto is a district is situated in Tanga region, Tanzania. It’s rich in natural resources making it a recommendable place to connect with nature and discover true peace and tranquility. Cool Climate It is an ideal place to visit when you want to beat the summer heat. The maximum temperature is 25-26 degrees Celsius while... Continue Reading →

Creative ways to Commemorate an Anniversary

Many couples run out of ideas each year to commemorate their anniversaries. Apart from choosing the best anniversary present for your spouse, there are several ways to celebrate and create precious memories on your special day. Renew your vows As a married couple, you go through a difficult phase and you want a fresh start... Continue Reading →

Easy Ways to get Organized for the Year

2017 is a new chapter to be a better person than you were last year. Shape up your life smartly by getting yourself well organized this year! Have your goals planned out by listing them down and being determined to accomplish it. Most people like to have it noted in their diaries, dashboards or sticky... Continue Reading →

The Perfect Gift Ideas

The summer heat is rising up this December in Dar Es Salaam, and so is the festive season! The holidays are just around the corner, to lift up our spirits of pure love and kindness which we have in store for each other. We seem to be very busy in this fast-tracked life engaged with... Continue Reading →

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