Can your Business survive without Loans?

A business may survive without loans by receiving income from another job, using up profits, lowering the costs of products and services, and inheritances. However, businesses eventually need to take loans at some point of time to regulate cash flows and maintain its position in the market. Purchasing Tools and Materials You need to make... Continue Reading →


Harmful Effects of Wearing Makeup Everyday

Makeup is used to enhance your features which makes you look younger, attractive and feel more confident. It’s very popular to look perfect in selfies for posting in social media and also use it as a daily wear at work. Is it wise to compromise its risk with beauty? Take a look at how makeup... Continue Reading →

Top 3 Benefits of Eating Organic Food

GMO (Genetically Mutated Organism) processed food is harmful to your body as it alters with the normal activities of the body. It’s a sad reality that GMO foods are sold at a cheaper rate than organic food and hence people prefer buying GMO food. Organic foods are naturally made and contains rich nutrients that’s required... Continue Reading →

Pros and Cons of going Paperless

In this digital era, some offices have moved to paperless to run a business. Although paperless is not convenient for all areas especially in Legal and Real estates, small businesses have phased paperless due to the following advantages: - Easy Storage You won’t be seeing piles of documents and messy drawers by storing documents online... Continue Reading →

Artistic approach to fight Anxiety

Anxiety is the most commonly known disorder in our day to day lives. It comes up in many forms such as fear, nervousness, phobia, panic attacks and worries. There are many ways of dealing with anxiety. In this post, you’ll discover how Art is used as one of ways for fighting anxieties. But before that,... Continue Reading →

3 Benefits of Being out in Nature

Spending time in nature makes you feel super alive, calm and happy. Have you ever noticed how nature improves your overall health? Well, here’s how: - Good Health Nature makes you more versatile because it brings you a change to the pace and the environment. A rush of positivity from nature revitalizes yourself. EG: Vitamin... Continue Reading →

Top 5 reasons to support Local Handmade Crafts

Not many of us know that there’s a lot of effort towards creating handmade goods. And it’s sadly not supported by many since the majority of the people prefer purchasing branded products made by foreign countries. In Tanzania, handmade products are mainly supported by tourists for collecting them as souvenirs and gifting their loved ones.... Continue Reading →

The True meaning of Easter

While most of us are planning a good getaway to our dream destinations during Easter holidays, our brothers and sisters are surrendering themselves to God, to receive His mercy upon them. Easter is a celebration of Jesus Christ's resurrection from the dead. People start fasting from Ash Wednesday (first day of Lent) up to the... Continue Reading →

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