City Life vs Country Life

Living in the city is fast, vibrant, exciting yet challenging. Young people often prefer living in the city to build their lives and grow as a professional individual and particularly enjoy the convenience of nightlife activities. Here’s why people prefer living in the city: –

Availability of Services
You can get almost everything in the city! City life is always up to date with all the services you need such as better education and health care, home delivery of that pizza you just ordered, public transportation, accommodations, supermarkets, sports, entertainment and trends in technology and fashion industry.

It’s Multicultural
The city is very colorful and a great place to meet different people. There’s less or no existence of tribal and social conflicts. You get a chance to experience the taste of exotic cuisines from different cultures, learn about people’s origin, languages, art, traditions and their beliefs.

It’s Eventful
You’re never bored living in the city. A lot is happening very fast and rapidly. You can’t miss those concerts where famous celebrities come and perform. That grand sale in the mall, amazing discounts and offers. You definitely don’t get such golden opportunities available in the country side.

Employment Opportunities
There’s a wide range of job opportunities you can choose from and they are readily available in the city because of many factories, shops, banks, hotels and offices. This makes it possible for people to switch jobs in the cities because it ensures that your income is flowing.

Expands Economy
Due to an increased size of population in the city, the economy expands drastically according to people’s demands hence it marks a great impact in business development.

The city is the best place to start up a business due to its overpopulation.The city opens you up to many benefits and opportunities that lies along the way. On the other hand, the country side is quiet, refreshing and the best place most people choose to settle when they’re retired. It’s more popular among people who are drawn to a relaxed lifestyle.

It’s Peaceful
You’re in full control of your life when you’re in the country. There’s no stress about work, competition, overcrowding, noise and waiting in those tiring traffic jams. Even with limited access to resources in the country, you’re still calm, poised and happy with what life offers you.

It’s Natural and Healthy
Unlike skyscrapers blocking that beautiful sunset in the city, the country side is extensively covered with more natural resources compared to the city. The air we breathe is less polluted. The sky at night twinkles with uncountable stars. The ocean is very fresh as it’s not contaminated with waste. No wonder its super healthy to live in the country!

It’s Cheap
You’re saving a lot of money when you’re at the country as you barely spend on expensive clothing, shoes and accessories. On the contrary, nobody cares about your clothes. The cost of living is very reasonable compared to the city.

It’s Spacey
You have all the space you need to engage in farming and agricultural activities. There’s no better place than the country to begin with growing fresh crops and produce. You can also build your mega mansion that has a swimming pool, Jacuzzi and master bedrooms, all under $10,000! Live life King size. How amazing is that?

Friendly people
People greet you like they mean it. You walk to the kiosk and along the way, you have a decent chance to see someone you may know. They even warmly welcome you to have dinner at their home. They willingly guide you when you feel lost and they don’t judge you upon your job, status or income.


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