Creative ways to Commemorate an Anniversary

Many couples run out of ideas each year to commemorate their anniversaries. Apart from choosing the best anniversary present for your spouse, there are several ways to celebrate and create precious memories on your special day.

Renew your vows
As a married couple, you go through a difficult phase and you want a fresh start with your spouse. This is the perfect time to let go of your troubles and reestablish your relationship. It doesn’t necessarily have to be lavish. Keep it simple – take a look into your spouse’s eyes and reassure your love and honor. Re-exchange the same wedding rings. The vows foster your relationship.

Create a couple bucket list
Make a list of things you’ve always wanted to do together like dancing in the moonlight, showering together, visiting your dream destination, watching a movie marathon, romantic long drives, gazing upon the stars or perhaps opt for some adventurous experiences such as sky diving, scuba diving, bungee jumping, parasailing, hiking and mountain climbing. It’s a fun way to support each other’s wish list and explore new and exciting things together.

Write Love letters
The fashion for love letter never wears out even in this virtual world where we frequently communicate with each other through phone calls and chats. Expressing a handwritten love letter to your spouse makes it romantic and extra special. Write down all the lovely thoughts and feelings to deepen the connection with your spouse.

Do a Noble deed
Serve the society and charitable organization. Be an active volunteer to deliver services to underprivileged people. You might also want to grow plants together, clean the roads or donate blood. Set an example to inspire other couples and do something wonderful together that will develop and motivate our society.

Candle light dinner at home
Cook your spouse’s favorite meal and share the most intimating time together with a soft background music being played over a marvelous candle light setting! Be lovey dovey about how much you love your spouse, how lucky, happy and grateful you are. Spice up the atmosphere and raise a toast to commemorate your anniversary all night till sunrise.


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