Easy Ways to get Organized for the Year

2017 is a new chapter to be a better person than you were last year. Shape up your life smartly by getting yourself well organized this year!

Have your goals planned out by listing them down and being determined to accomplish it. Most people like to have it noted in their diaries, dashboards or sticky notes while others prefer using smartphone apps.

I like to create a list of my goals in my Reminders app. It’s a default app that alerts me at the exact time I need to set my focus on my goals. I used to get annoyed with the daily pop up reminders flashing in my screen and telling me what to do. Despite that, I tried not to hit that off button even during the times when I felt so lazy to do it. In a way, it gave me that push to actually realize the purpose and concentrate on my goals.

Any outstanding goals from last year can be fulfilled this year too! It functions the same way how balance carried forward does in accounting. In spite of any inconveniences caused, don’t let your goals disappear with time. Be strong, dedicated and believe that you are capable of achieving them.

There are certain habits which don’t seem productive yet we can’t stop ourselves from pursuing it. It is known that the most common bad habits most individuals have are: eating a lot of fast food, overspending, skipping meals, stress eating, running late, biting nails and sitting around.

A habit doesn’t appear out of nowhere; it is self-made when it’s repeated for more an approximate duration of 2 weeks’ time. This year, take the initiative to say goodbye to all your bad habits! In order for you to get rid of them, notice how it is currently affecting you and the people around then predict the outcome of its effects in the future. Is it resourceful? Is it worthwhile? Can it be done regularly or occasionally? Are there better alternatives to reverse it? Be determined to slowly and progressively, transform yourself by breaking all your bad habits so as to create room for the good ones.

Stay updated on the latest trends this year in the box office, sports and entertainments, health and fitness, events, fashion, technology, global market and economy. Download apps and subscribe to blogs, news feeds and social sites that have their contents up to date such as Reader’s Digest, Flipboard, LiveScores, WordPress, Tumblr, SmashingMagazine, CNet, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

If you get caught up with your schedules and run out of time then check out your mailbox instead. It’s a powerful tool to keep you updated depending on how often you wish to receive mail shots. Other means include: watching news in TV channels, communicating with people through group discussions or forums, listening to radios and podcasts, reading materials such as newspapers, magazines, newsletters and books; also add an extra value to expand your knowledge.

Free up some space by only keeping objects that are useful to your needs. There are a number of items that remain untouched and are often overlooked. Take a look at your computer desktop and uninstall programs that you don’t use anymore.

Delete unwanted files and rearrange them in order. Dispose and recycle both household and office items you no longer need such as old calendars, expired medicines, torn and worn out clothes, old cellphones and accessories, old tickets, newspapers and magazines, unused wires, old plastics, stationery supplies that don’t work, old furniture, expired food, dead watches and batteries, expired cosmetics and unused manuals.

We normally don’t notice what we have unless we start cleaning up the place. Who knows what treasure may be lying beneath that junk? Remember, a clean environment is the best place for great minds to remain healthy and focused.

Reorganize your desks, drawers, wardrobes and cabinets by reusing empty jars, containers and boxes that are in a good condition. They come very much handy when it comes organizing for both home and office purposes.

With a little bit of DIY, you can turn any waste into something useful and totally brand new! Fill up an empty jar with flowers, hold up candles, store sewing materials, stack it up with pens, use it to organize your spices, and to store food. Reuse boxes and containers to hold smaller boxes and jars, organize important documents, arrange toys, categorize your jewelries or even create a gift box!

​I like to use empty boxes of Ferrero Rocher to keep all my hair elastics and clips organized. It helps me save time as I don’t have to run around searching for things. When you have your items all neat and well-kept then you’re all set to manage and organize bigger tasks and responsibilities that await ahead.


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