Pros and Cons of Tourism Industry

Tourism Industry is very profitable in many countries especially in those that continue to nurture the needs of investing in it. Here are some of the benefits of what tourism industry can provide for the country: –

Increased Revenue
Foreign currency spent by tourists can be invested in improving local education, health and other services. It also promotes the area to increase commerce through exports of local goods and services.

Improved Maintenance
Tourist attractions are conserved and maintained to ensure that it’s in good quality and shape so that the next time when tourists visit the same location, it looks the same as it originally was.

Tourist Marketing
Places visited by tourists are commonly marketed through various means. This attracts other tourists to visit the same destination and enjoy the essence of it.

Developed Infrastructures 
Improvements made on local infrastructure are implemented for the purpose of ease of access during the tourist’s stay. This includes water and sanitation facilities, roads, buses, taxis and airports.

The tourism industry is adopted by many countries to increase benefits. The development may seem that tourism only brings benefits but upon further considerations it also has some disadvantages.

Environmental Damage
It strains on already scarce resources such as water, energy, food and natural habitat areas. In addition, unchecked tourism development may lead to soil erosion, increased pollution, waste and discharges.

Influx of Foreign Culture
It may erode traditional values by introducing foreign elements which are in conflict with the cultural, historical, and religious heritage of the community.

Prices Shoot Ups
With many tourists unaware of the local prices, the sellers can easily take advantage of it and escalate the prices to gain maximum profits. This however may cause inconveniences to the locals.

Traffic Jams
An increased number of tourists in the area can cause heavy traffic jams and major delays to the locals. This is also one of the reasons that causes environmental pollution.


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