Recycling Tips

Recycling is an effective way of repurposing and reusing a product. It is our responsibility to conserve the environment through the process of recycling. Check out some tips to guide you on how to repurpose items for your needs.

It is cost effective to opt for totes instead of giving away your extra coins for plastic bags. Totes are fabricated bags and they make good grocery carriers. You can get your totes sewed and use them to carry all your items when you’re out shopping.

Have an old furniture that’s broken or looks outdated? Refinish or repair rather than tossing it away. There are billions of repurposing ideas that can turn your old furniture into a brand new one! Repurpose your broken furniture or perhaps disassemble it then reuse the wood. Visit a local furniture shop and show them the design you like so that they can remake it just the way you want it.

Newspapers and Magazines are great source of knowledge and information. The materials turn useless after they have been read/used. Instead of dumping them into the bin, return it to the publishers. They recycle the same materials to print latest news on it.

Unfortunately out of all plastics, CDs and DVDs are the only plastics that cannot be recycled however, they can be reused to create brilliant designs, mosaics and decorations for home and events.

If you have your old clothes, toys and books that you don’t need any more then donate it to charity organizations. Not only do they raise money for great causes but they also help to encourage recycling of clothing, household and other items.

Not all old items are meant to be disposed. Sometimes they can be quite useful than we thought. Repurposing old jars are useful for storing bulk pantry items, organizers and containers. Old towels and napkins make great cleaning rags, dusters and table wipers.

Packaging items such as containers, cartons, card boards, gift wraps and boxes are incredible arts and craft objects for your DIY creations. It’s also beneficial for your kids to get in touch with their crafty side.


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