The Perfect Gift Ideas

The summer heat is rising up this December in Dar Es Salaam, and so is the festive season! The holidays are just around the corner, to lift up our spirits of pure love and kindness which we have in store for each other.

We seem to be very busy in this fast-tracked life engaged with work, projects and meetings. Nobody is busy in actual sense – it’s all about who comes first in your priority list. As we are approaching the end of the year 2016, take a moment out from your ‘busy life’ and start prioritizing your time with your loved ones.

So you have a friend who lives nearby but you rarely see each other. Or your relatives you haven’t met for months. Holidays are meant to be spent with your dear ones. Now is the time to temporarily release everything else and begin to strengthen your relationships. This season, forgive each other and produce a valuable gift of your Love, Time and Appreciation for your loved ones.

Show how much you love them through small acts of kindness such as a surprise visit to remind them how much you’ve missed them, a helping hand to simplify work and ease off their burdens, a little bit of charm to your speech and a warm glow on your face to lift up their spirits.

You don’t need to buy the most biggest or expensive gift. A nice little present will be perfect to show them how much you mean to them. Consider handmade gifts like a peppermint sugar scrub, a scrapbook, decorated festive ornaments and homemade tarts or cookies.

If you’re running out of time to get in touch with your creativity side, opt for gift hampers and vouchers. Fill your gift basket with plush toys, candies, scented candles or a luxurious body lotion found at any local stores. How about a gift coupon to a spa or a salon? That would be great too!

Shower lots of unconditional love to truly fill their hearts with your care. A greeting card with sweets, chocolates and flowers are more than enough to show how much you appreciate them. In the end it’s your gratitude that counts.

Be a kid again and play your old time favorite games with your loved ones such as Monopoly, Chess, Darts, Uno, Snake and Ladder, Dominoes, Scrabble, Dum Charades, Karaoke and much more. It’s the best way to have fun with everyone else during the holidays.

There are so many holiday offers and travel packages to choose from. Make the most of it and plan a getaway with your loved ones. Discover your favorite place upcountry or internationally. If you’re on the ground then have a quality time with them at the beach, camps, picnics, movies, coffee shops, ice cream parlors, restaurants and parties.

Open up your box of infinite memories and be a storyteller. All you need to do is live the moment with them and talk about the good times you had with them. Have a laugh about it and make sure they’re laughing too. Be happy, be great and have a wonderful holiday!


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