Top 10 reasons to visit Lushoto

Lushoto is a district is situated in Tanga region, Tanzania. It’s rich in natural resources making it a recommendable place to connect with nature and discover true peace and tranquility.

Cool Climate
It is an ideal place to visit when you want to beat the summer heat. The maximum temperature is 25-26 degrees Celsius while the minimum temperature is 10-11 degrees Celsius.

Beautiful Scenery
It’s the perfect place to fall in love with the beauty of nature which surrounds extensively in this small district. The atmosphere is serene and revitalizing enough to trigger calmness and beauty that nature offers you.

Experience the Local Culture
The local people are very warm and friendly to all as they always smile whenever they see visitors. Learn how the people were brought up in their villages and families, their traditions, culture and crafts like hand pottery.

Lushoto’s ecofriendly environment is simply an amazing experience for campers. Flourish your connection with nature by sleeping in your encapsulated domes and watch the magical sight of Milky Way at night.

Go Trekking                                                                                                                 
Popular sites such as Mtae Usambara, Mazumbai Forest Reserve, Ndelemel, Magamba and Shagayu engulfs the aroma of a moist green grass and wood. It is soothing enough for you to enjoy every step of your journey.

Visit Local Farms
Discover a wide variety of local produces like organic fruits and vegetables, which are available at very reasonable prices. Experience a fresh taste of locally made wine, jams, cheese at Montessori sisters, Maweni Spice, Sakharani wine, Usambara and Tea plantations.

Stunning View Points
Irente, Carter and Mlalo are the most stunning views you’ll ever see. It’s an adventure to reach at the summit.

Refreshing WaterFalls
Take a dip into the force of Soni, Mkuzi and Kifungilo Waterfalls. Listen to the relaxing power of the falls and re-energize yourself.

Historical Sites
Mambo Footprints and Mambo Caves are pre-historic sites that depict early human’s history, their footprints and livelihood in caves.

Check out the wilderness of animals such as Wild Dog, Black Rhino as well as Buffalo, Elephant, Lion, Leopard and Cheetah at Mkombozi National Park. It also offers exciting plain games that includes Giraffe, Hartebeest, Zebra, Eland and Kudu.



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