Influences of Entertainment Media

The entertainment media is a platform to deliver positive messages to the society however the negative influences still affect many individuals.


It’s very easy to get addicted to your favorite song, surfing the internet, playing video games, watching movies and series. It’s fun to get entertained once in a while but it’s also important to avoid being obsessed about what the media presents you. Constant addiction is harmful for your health therefore you should set times for both responsible activities and entertainment.


Although commercials are mainly intended to market products/services to the customers, there are certain commercials that largely influences an individual’s belief and the society at large. Adverts that particularly impacts females such as fairness creams, hair treatments, zero figure formulas and so forth, makes an individual self-conscious about their looks and have a hard time accepting natural beauty.


People will follow what’s trending in today’s world such as Despacito song, Cold shoulder tops, Netflix, Pump heels, Mannequin challenge and so on. This craze creates an influences on people to change and follow exactly as the trend states. Some of it are beneficial for marketing and charity purposes however dangerous trends like the Blue Whale challenge, urges young people to end their lives.


The effects of watching violent videos can seriously lure an individual to watch more or, in worst cases, commit it. For some people, it’s normal to watch and they’re likely to avoid reporting harmful incidents. It is also known that some video games are entertaining yet violent for the gamers as it impacts their behavior to become more violent instead of being peaceful and loving beings.

Role Model

The media exposes us to a lot of people with whom we wish to idolize as a role model (especially celebrities). When they engage in negative traits such as alcohol/drug abuse, smoking, etc then individuals are most likely to follow their trait however a healthy lifestyle and positive messages serves a good impact on them.

The solution isn’t to forever ban the aforementioned influences. It’s important to find a balance between media and your daily activities so that both can be managed for your wellbeing.


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