Empowering Success

Life can sometimes be unfair and test you in such a way that it is so easy to lose hope and give up on your dreams of having a successful life. Success cannot be achieved without going through failures. It doesn’t come easily in life. You need to have a lot of patience, perseverance, effort... Continue Reading →


DIY Manicure

I had very tiny nails and was very ashamed of it as I couldn’t do much of nail polish and nail art on it. I wasn’t really a nail polish person before, until I came across some really awesome manicure pictures on a Facebook page. I’ve always wondered - how you get those perfect manicures... Continue Reading →

DIY Hacks and Tricks

Innovation isn’t as simple as it seems. It requires a lot of time, material, energy and patience to run the process for your creation. The other day when I was browsing for some DIY ideas, I came across a wonderful, happy-go-lucky personality. She is full of smiles and surprises and she was super excited to... Continue Reading →

Night Life Activities

Do you normally end up in bed after a tiring long day? Are you missing out on fun, thrill and excitement? Night life consists of tons of fun activities that will keep you happy and bring back the charm into your life. Experience it and create an unforgettable night. Here are some ideas of things... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Easy to Make Cocktails

Cocktails are mixtures of two or more flavors of beverages. It gives an epic gradient of colors and sure does taste yummy. Mixing up random drinks isn’t advisable. We don’t want to get you boiling in hot water! Instead, check out some easy to make cocktails shared by Bhavin Sidpara. Bhavin works at Shangri-La bar... Continue Reading →

Cultural Diversity in Child’s Upbringing

Parenting is about understanding your children’s wants, needs and the emotions behind every situation that comes across. The experience is exhausting yet most rewarding when we as parents are fully supportive towards children as they go through different stages in life. ​ Generally, children are mirror images of parents. They naturally understand the atmosphere present... Continue Reading →

Connecting with Mother Nature

People love to go on vacations and discover new places, new people and new culture. The best part of vacations is to visit the natural areas such as wildlife, parks, forests, deserts, beaches, mountains and hill stations. They are fueled with what nature has provided them with. That’s the reason why people come back so... Continue Reading →

Art of Thought Management

Thoughts come and go just like the prevailing wind. Some are positive while others are negative. Both positives and negatives are part of us. Similar to the Chinese phenomenon about Yin and Yang. There’s something good in the bad and something bad in the good. ​​​Ego is the bad. It likes to judge, explode emotions... Continue Reading →

Stand up for Yourself

Sometimes it’s not easy to deal with stones thrown to you especially when those stones are thrown by your dear ones. To make a stand against them is surely the most difficult task for many of us, but in a way, it is essential for you to clear things out just to shed some light... Continue Reading →

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